We have a team of experts that solely focus on telecoms. They will undertake a forensic examination of your historical billing in order to provide cost recovery options and a baseline to ensure best prices and best terms that will benefit your company forecasts and budget.

Our team will analyse all IT, Telephony and Network charges such as fixed line, hardware equipment, mobile phones, private circuits, virtual private circuits and WAN, hosting, contacts and data centre rates.

We will audit existing supplier arrangements, including actual charges against contracted rates. Review all IT, telephony and network services for misuse or fraud.

Benchmark current charges against market best and assist in negotiation for the best rates available. And establish whether any equipment is redundant and ensure the correct maintenance charges are applied.

The average recovery runs at approx 7% of annual savings – this will immediately benefit your bottom line. Once all this information is gathered we will present our findings back to you in an easy-to-understand report with next step recommendations, enabling you to make an informed decision on your IT strategy.

With any of the services that we offer you can be confident that your business needs are taken care of and that your bottom line is protected throughout your contract.

We stay in touch throughout the length of your term, notifying you of any market changes and make sure that you are fully informed and advised in advance of your contract end date.

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