We recognised that every business need is different and every smart saving solution that we provide is different. At Refresh Now we offer a bespoke service and spend time understanding you and your daily demands and your business needs. We gather the correct information so that we are best placed to advise you and to ensure that your finances are working positively.

We then obtain a letter of authority from you (LOA) this is a standard letter allowing us to gather the appropriate information and to negotiate in the market on your behalf.

We comply with GDPR requirements. (General Data Protection Regulation) Refresh Now Limited undertakes that it shall use customer data for the sole purposes of delivering the services specified and may only share that data with relevant third parties in order to do so.

Once we are happy we then present our findings to you and advise on securing the best prices and the most suitable contract term. We may also advise you not to buy at any certain point in the process as there may be unforeseen global influences that affect the live energy market negatively.

Our team has years of experience and understand market trends and are able to forecast successfully so don’t worry you’re in safe hands.

All this work is done for you with no obligation, it is a hassle-free process from the start. All the time, effort and administration in preparing your file and managing your account is done by us.